Re: FS: FT-817


Date: Wed Dec 04 2002 - 10:35:07 CST

In a message dated 12/4/02 7:50:55 AM Eastern Standard Time,

 Hi Jim, All those menu selections are what make the radio so good. I
 have one and I don't take it anywhere without the book. Did that once
 and tried to find the function by guess. That was not fun.
I have the FT-100-D and I have just memorized the menus that I want to need.
Seldom need to be making changes to the NB,DSP and other settings.
I use it most for CW and have the narrow CW filter installed.
Nice rig and loaded.
Does a beautiful job mobile and a bit more weight then the ICOM but I think
it's a better rig.

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