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From: Dave Fifield (
Date: Thu Nov 14 2002 - 02:07:41 CST

Hi Dave,

I have an FT-897. On HF and 6m, the rig has a bunch of relays to select
between TX and RX, so one of them (depending on which band you are on)
clicks every time the rig transitions between TX and RX. Thus, the rig
cannot do full QSK (all relays are too slow). It's in semi-mode
permanently, with adjustable TX to RX delay. It uses the VOX circuit to
achieve semi-QSK.

In use, it's not bad at all - you get used to it. I do think there's the
possibility of doing a full QSK mod using PIN diode switches. I'm still
thinking about it.....if and when I get something going, I'll crow about
it on here and on one of my websites (probably

On VHF/UHF, the FT-897 does have PIN diode switching, so is capable of
better (faster) QSK with no relay clicking. I guess you could reduce the
TX to RX delay time to a low value (or zero?) and then you'd have full
QSK, but I haven't tried it, a) because I don't like full QSK and b)
because I don't have time.

Hope this helps,
Cheers es 72,
Dave Fifield, AD6A

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Can anyone tell me where to go (He He) to find out how good the FT-897
is for QSK CW? Can't seem to find a yahoo group or anything else.
Thanks for your time.

Dave Pomeroy K7DNP South East Washington

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