Input vs output


Date: Wed Nov 13 2002 - 22:53:43 CST

yes sir, u bees all correct...
   what ah likes about output power is it levels the playing field..
5 watts is 5 watts... u can code it or modulate it like u wants and it still comes out to 5 watts what u playing with...
     so it comes down to ability, conditions, and ur antenna, avery time
u fire up at 5 watts... given life as it is ah don't sees nuttin meaux fair than five watts at the output of ur radio...
    all that efficiency stuffs adds up too is how much money u wants to spend on ur lectric bill, changing battery meaux often or not...
    Qro an't a bad word iffin u use "the power necessary" as a definition. sometimes it just takes meaux power on some modes due to conditions, antenna, or whatever...
    so don't got u self mad when a multi watt station done clobber ur five watt station... antenna and conditions being ok... he oughta do it... however they is ways to got u self around this, lots of times...
and sum times u gust gotta eat dirt and geaux away...
    geaux build sumthin... play with the kids, grandkids....

ke1la joel
in maine
not that efficient


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