PAC-12 Antenna plans now on NJQRP website


From: George Heron N2APB (
Date: Sat Sep 28 2002 - 22:22:54 CDT

Hi folks -

As many know, a detailed construction article about the award-winning PAC-12
portable multiband vertical antenna (designed by James Bennett, KA5DVS) was
published in the issue #8 of QRP Homebrewer magazine this summer.

Since then many other hams (non-subscribers of QHB) have been looking for
construction plans and copies of the PAC-12 article. KA5DVS (as author) and
N2APB (as publisher) have been referring them to the availability of QHB #8
as a single issue low-cost purchase.

However, the PAC-12 is still growing in popularity and the requests keep
coming in. In order to enable as many hams as possible to build and use
this antenna, KA5DVS has graciously agreed to allow the NJQRP to post his
article on its website.

PAC-12 construction plans are at

It's not the policy of QRP Homebrewer magazine to post full article material
on a website, but in this case we wish to help proliferate a popular antenna
design and thereby enable many QRPers and homebrewers to build, use and
enjoy James' antenna.

QHB will continue to chronicle PAC-12 mods and newer designs in progress by
KA5DVS. We encourage QRPers to subscribe to QHB to help support this type
of design proliferation.

In the meantime, please enjoy the article and let both James and the NJQRP
know of your success in building and using the PAC-12 antenna!

73, George N2APB
   and James KA5DVS

  QRP Homebrewer magazine:

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