Jamboree on the Air - anyone for a Snipe Hunt?


From: n5ib@juno.com
Date: Sat Sep 28 2002 - 18:37:04 CDT

October 19 & 20 will be this year's Jamboree on the Air, when scouts and
scouters will meet via radio. A great chance to introduce some young
folks to ham radio. ARRL has asked groups who plan to operate during JOTA
to register at the "Youth Skeds" page on the ARRL web site.

I will be with a group of Baton Rouge LA hams (Michael, KD5MLD,
coordinating) who will set up at the Avondale Scout Reservation in
Clinton LA. Some of us will go Friday night (18th) and camp, then
operations will be all day Saturday. Mostly QRO ssb Saturday, but Friday
night is for QRP play.

I'd like to hear from others who may be in the field with scout groups
that weekend, especially Friday, or just camping on your own. Perhaps we
can organize a little SHOTA (Snipe Hunt On The Air) I believe I may be
the culprit who inflicted this event upon the QRP community a couple of
years ago, but perhaps I've done by now sufficient pennance. :^))
anyway, if I hear from a few folks I'll compile the list and post to the
group along with the Official Rules of Snipe Hunting.... betcha didn't
know there was rules, didja??

Jim N5IB

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