RE: Txpedition from 12000 feet on Saturday


From: David Bixler (
Date: Sat Sep 28 2002 - 14:04:55 CDT

Hi Gang:

Just worked Gary N0SXX at 1700 UTC at 14059.50 MHz.
He's on top with snow on the way.

72, Dave

David Bixler W0CH
Seneca, Missouri
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Subject: Txpedition from 12000 feet on Saturday

Hi guys!

Planning to hike up to Shelf Lake, CO tomorrow and
operate on 20 meters for an hour or so. Hope to be on somewhere around
12 to 1 MDT. I'll be close to 14.060 mhz. I'll be with a non-ham buddy
so I'll probably keep the operating time fairly short.

I've never been to Shelf Lake but the topo map says
its a little lake (more like a pond) at 12000 feet
elevation. It sits in a bowl, almost totally
surrounded by 13000 foot ridges. Hopefully about a 2
hour hike in.

I'll have my k1 with a little self supporting 20 meter vertical.
Usually works pretty good but sitting down in that bowl I'm guessing
it'll be a pretty small qrp sig :-)!

I appreciate anyone with the time to listen for that
little N0SXX cq coming out of the mountains. I'll
probably send out a picture qsl with the location.


Gary Slagel/N0SXX
Conifer, CO 80433
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