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From: Lee Mairs (
Date: Sat Sep 28 2002 - 13:36:49 CDT

Well said. Now let's bury this thread once and for all.
Lee Mairs

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> Said Bruce:
> > Such an interesting apology!
> Bruce, if you thought I was apologizing for anything, you must have
> completely missed the meaning of what I wrote. People who bring us
> questions owe no one any sort of apology for doing so, and those who
> respond as if they do, are doing QRP-L and amateur radio a grave
> disservice. Neither hobby (QRP, nor the broader radio/electronics
> hobby) can afford in this day and age to make would-be participants
> feel unwelcome just because we don't like their preferred style
> of learning. Online forums are in a unique position to provide the
> Elmer function which is getting harder and harder to come by in
> routine everyday life. QRP-L is one of the better online forums.
> We ignore this opportunity to educate and welcome only at the peril
> of the hobby we love. The world will change. We may either adapt,
> or see the institution of amateur radio become obsolete by the time
> people my age retire.
> I don't object to advising someone who has a question to look for
> deeper understanding in a book. The advice is largely pointless if
> it's too general (e.g. "a good book on circuit analysis"), but no harm
> is done, if that's as far as it goes. When someone brings up a question
> here, and there are a rich variety of answers, that's a very good thing.
> Usually, the person who asked the question, and at least dozens, if
> not hundreds or more, of the thousands who read this list will learn
> something. If part of what they learn includes some good pointers
> about where to learn more in books, that's a good thing too.
> I am uncomfortable, however, with the tone this thread is taking,
> with all sorts of criticisms and put-downs of those who choose to
> bring their questions here. I hope everyone understands that many
> of us here on QRP-L are ready and willing to answer any questions
> we feel competent to answer, without trying to make anyone feel bad
> for not having done more research before asking. (I usually offer
> my advice in private email, since I read QRP-L in the daily digest.)
> And, no... I do not apologize for believing these things!
> 73,
> Jim WB5UDE

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