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From: Richard Brummer, K2JQ (
Date: Sat Sep 28 2002 - 10:35:17 CDT

Hi Jess -- good to see you back on the list !

I've sat here for the several days that this thread has been ongoing. One
thing that bothers me is that people have gotten paranoid about asking
questions now. They copiously detail the research they've done before
asking the question, for fear of being criticized. This detail is sometimes
as long as the basic question.

I'm not directing this comment at those who are doing a little "P.Y.A." but
let's cut through the B.S. and get back to the subject of QRP.

Bruce, if you don't like the question, or don't think it's technical enough,
hit the "Delete" key !

Thanks for listening, everyone ..........

Dick K2JQ
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> I am suprised to see the list in an uproar still after all of this time. I
> have been monitoring for about 2 weeks and it seems as if half of the
> traffic is not really QRP related. I have also been off of the air for
> personal reasons for about 3 years. Glad to see that most of the old
> listers are still around.

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