handicapped ham needs help in Tampa FL area this winter


From: Ron Keener (rkeener@realtime.net)
Date: Sat Sep 28 2002 - 10:26:07 CDT

can some of you in the Tampa FL area make your services available to
help in this situation?

Pam's father is coming to visit over the winter - she wants to put up
some simple antennas for him to use during his visit - she lives on the
northwest side of Tampa near the horse racing track

please contact her directly - I am leaving home tomorrow for several


ron WA0REE - austin TX

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Subject: Re: Trip
   Date: Sat, 28 Sep 2002 08:25:25 EDT
   From: Rodeorow@aol.com
     To: Ron@MidAmericaBreedingTech.com

Daddy had wanted to follow your travels but afraid he isn't up at
sunrise. Being disabled, Mother has to help him out of bed and get him
dressed so 9-10 am is about the earliest he gets about. His mind is
still great but the MD has weakened his limbs to the point he has lost
most of the use.

I did get his antenna up and we tested it out when I was there in July.
I had no idea he had been off the air for 2 years - he is too proud to
ask for help - due to an ice storm bringing down his long wires. I got
them up secure (I hope) and on the sly called a couple of his ham
buddies in the area and asked them to stop in every few months and make
sure he was still up and running. He is chair bound so no climbing
ladders anymore! One buddy has a boy scout troup so I felt better
knowing there would be some boys that need to earn community service
badges! Hopefully they will also check on them in the winter and maybe
clear the drive occasionally for them. They live in the city and the
neighbors look out for them but my mom (75) still insists to get out and
start shoveling and sweeping when the big snows drop! They have agreed
to come down for Christmas, Jan and Feb so hopefully they will miss most
of the bad part of winter! If he gives me the specs I have plenty of
places to string up a long wire and he can just bring on down the
equipment with him.

Hope to be back up there around Thanksgiving (WV) and will see what I
can do then. I have been known to use his call letters - oh goodness,
shhhh!!!! - but then I have been around ham radio for over 30 years!
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