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From: Paul Mills (
Date: Sat Sep 28 2002 - 10:30:14 CDT

Short answer: man fsck

fsck can make repairs, but the best cure is backups.

A couple of questions:

1. What flavor of Linux? e.g, Redhat 7.2, Slackware 7.0. etc.
Just for my info.
2. Does your system boot up or does it puke all over the
screen? If it boots, there is hope, though there may still be
data loss.
3. Do you have some kind of rescue/recovery disk? SOME distros
may have this. Even without it, you can boot from the install
disk, mount the trashed volume and do a fsck.

There is a lot of information in the /usr/doc/ area that can
help you plan a strategy against future filesystem tragedies.
Don't be timid, Linux is a hands-on OS and a curious and
experimental nature will be rewarded!

[Attention all: I hope the above will prove to be a template
for handling questions. Several years as an Autocad training
and support person and later a network manager in a medium sized
firm with all female users gave me patience!]


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Subject: OT: Need Linux Help

> Well, I left the subject line off the first (second) time :^)
Here it goes
> again so you know what in the world I'm talking about:
> Is there some way to repair your file system when your PC
crashes, other than
> formatting the *&$^ drive and starting all over again?
> 72/73/oo
> Rob, w0jrm
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