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From: Nick Kennedy (
Date: Sat Sep 28 2002 - 10:08:32 CDT

What nonsense!

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From: Bruce Muscolino []

>Such an interesting apology!

>If any of you took the time to read my original message to Leon, you
>will note that I first answered what he was asking.

      Did you? You said, "I think it is close enough. If you are really
interested in g
      parameters, don't bother with the web, go to the library and get a
book ..."

First of all, is it really "close enough"? Is input impedance equal to the
reciprocal of the magnitude of y11? And even if it is, would you "match"
to its magnitude only, without regard to the individual resistive and
reactive components? And what do you mean by "g parameters"? Isn't "g"
just the symbol used for the conductance component of the complex y11 term?

The fact is, a good technical question never got the discussion it deserved
because you diverted the entire list into a predictable upheaval, like you
do several times a year. It works like this: You chastise a beginner (or
in this case, a technically astute individual) for asking a technical
question. This sets off the predictable orgy of knee-jerk self promotion
and denunciations of those who dare to use QRP-L as a technical forum,
coming from the same old set of pathetic misanthropes.

Their outpouring of bile isn't going to affect me in the least--I will
continue to participate in technical discussions on QRP-L. I'll ask
questions, and I'll answer them if I'm able and have the time. Even if I
don't know, I'll participate in the discussion and try to learn something.
 But as Jim said, the sad outcome of this whole flurry of offensive
postings will be to intimidate many who are new to the list, or are new to
homebrewing, and don't want to risk being publicly attacked for asking a
simple question.

Bruce, you didn't answer the question, you don't know the answer to the
question, and you wouldn't know even if you consulted your vast technical

72--Nick, WA5BDU

>Then, and only
>then, did I SUGGEST he might look up imaginary parameters in a circuit
>analysis textbook.

"Imaginary parameters"? Get a clue!


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