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From: Jess Gypin (
Date: Sat Sep 28 2002 - 09:46:57 CDT

I am suprised to see the list in an uproar still after all of this time. I
have been monitoring for about 2 weeks and it seems as if half of the
traffic is not really QRP related. I have also been off of the air for
personal reasons for about 3 years. Glad to see that most of the old listers
are still around.

If someone needs an Elmer, I don't care how basic the question is, it
deserves an answer. If someone were to come to your door at your house and
say that they noticed the antennas and wanted to learn about radio, what
would you do? Hand them a book and tell them to come back after they have
read it and then close the door in their face? How can you expect someone to
get started down the path of a great hobby if you make it hard for them to
get started. Not everyone can be blessed with all of the knowledge that some
have gotten after years of playing and research.

Seems that some of this vane of thinking is kind of counter to the ham code.

Jess AE0CW
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Subject: Re: "Looking It Up"

> Said Bruce:
> > Such an interesting apology!
> Bruce, if you thought I was apologizing for anything, you must have
> completely missed the meaning of what I wrote. People who bring us
> questions owe no one any sort of apology for doing so, and those who
> respond as if they do, are doing QRP-L and amateur radio a grave
> disservice. Neither hobby (QRP, nor the broader radio/electronics
> hobby) can afford in this day and age to make would-be participants
> feel unwelcome just because we don't like their preferred style
> of learning. Online forums are in a unique position to provide the
> Elmer function which is getting harder and harder to come by in
> routine everyday life. QRP-L is one of the better online forums.
> We ignore this opportunity to educate and welcome only at the peril
> of the hobby we love. The world will change. We may either adapt,
> or see the institution of amateur radio become obsolete by the time
> people my age retire.
> I don't object to advising someone who has a question to look for
> deeper understanding in a book. The advice is largely pointless if
> it's too general (e.g. "a good book on circuit analysis"), but no harm
> is done, if that's as far as it goes. When someone brings up a question
> here, and there are a rich variety of answers, that's a very good thing.
> Usually, the person who asked the question, and at least dozens, if
> not hundreds or more, of the thousands who read this list will learn
> something. If part of what they learn includes some good pointers
> about where to learn more in books, that's a good thing too.
> I am uncomfortable, however, with the tone this thread is taking,
> with all sorts of criticisms and put-downs of those who choose to
> bring their questions here. I hope everyone understands that many
> of us here on QRP-L are ready and willing to answer any questions
> we feel competent to answer, without trying to make anyone feel bad
> for not having done more research before asking. (I usually offer
> my advice in private email, since I read QRP-L in the daily digest.)
> And, no... I do not apologize for believing these things!
> 73,
> Jim WB5UDE

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