Re: DSP for QRP


From: aberkuta (
Date: Sat Sep 28 2002 - 04:31:05 CDT

Hi all

As a lucky user of one of Zim's DSP units, I cannot
understand why others have not taken the opportunity
of acquiring a sample. Other than adding the external
pulgs and wiring, Zim had completed all the fiddly surface
mount component mounting, sure it is not home brewing
BUT what fantastic performance in being able to pull weak
qrp cw signals out of the murk on a stormy night on 80m.

Mine is in use constantly for local and Dx work and a fair
percentage would not have been able to be completed
without the use of the DSP, the filter I like best is Zim's 86hz
sample, razor sharp and absolutely beautiful.There is
provision for more than 2 programmed filter chips.

Zim, please include me in Mk3 if one becomes available,
touch more audio gain and AGC? or is this asking for
to much.



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