Re: KITS: Rockmite documentation


From: Dennis Ponsness (
Date: Sat Sep 28 2002 - 02:41:22 CDT

   Great job on the additional instructions. I printed it out and will put
it in my binder that I have the RM20 and RM40 instructions. As an
additional and personal note.... To all of you that have not had the
pleasure of building one of Dave's other kits, this is the kind of
documentation that you get. Easy to read and very informative. My first
"real" kit was one of Dave's SW-40+ rigs and I was able to get it up and
running with very little problem - OK, I did mess up on the final tuning and
had to send Dave an email, which he answered within a couple of hours in
which he told me what I needed to do. Once I did that, it worked FB and is
one of my main rigs to this day.
   Standard disclaimer... no financial interest, yadda yadda yadds, just a
_VERY_ satisfied customer...

72 es oo

Dennis - WB0WAO

NJQRP #329
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