FS: 9MHz Matched Crystal Sets


From: Dave Fifield (dave@redhotradio.com)
Date: Sat Sep 28 2002 - 01:31:20 CDT

I am pleased to announce that I have for sale
matched crystal sets of 9MHz crystals. A set
of 7 crystals (4 + 1 needed for a good IF plus
1 for the TX upconverter and 1 for the RX
product detector) for $5, shipped. The crystals
will be matched to within 25Hz of each other
(better in most cases), enabling you to use them
to make a nice 250Hz bandwidth IF filter with
the RX and TX carrier insertion oscillators to

These are the same high-quality crystals as used
in the NorCal 20 and Red Hot 20/40 rigs. They
are ideal for homebrew QRP/QRO superheterodyne
rigs for bands from 80m to 20m, using simple

If you'd like a set, please send a check or money
order payable to "Red Hot Radio" for $5 to:

Red Hot Radio (9MHz Set)
14730 Charmeran Avenue
San Jose
CA 95124

To forestall comments/criticism, I can tell you
up front that I will be making no profit at all on
these crystals. The idea is to promote homebrewing.

72, Dave, AD6A

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