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From: George Gingell (
Date: Sat Sep 28 2002 - 00:18:03 CDT


My first thought for an answer to your question about the 78Mhz Overtone
Osc. was to go look for the old Repeater Service manual. I could not
locate it, but still the thought should be good. Many of the Osc in VHF
and UHF Repeater Systems use Overtone Oscillators.

Check in the QST and 73 Adverts, Ransey and others offer Repeater
Components and modules. Maybe get the Schematic and borrow the Circuit.

Second thought was take a trip to the Public library. There are a couple
of good books in the Reference Section or General Electronics section.

I can't think of the titles at the moment, but there are a couple that are
nothing but Circuits of all types. I am pretty sure that you can find an
Overtone Oscillator Schematic in the ARRL Handbook also.

Better yet, Cruise over to your favorite book seller (I use the Borders
Books Store in Columbia for my Reference library). :^}

Unlike the library, they have tables food and beverages to consume while
examining the reference materials. :^} NO FOOD of DINKS in the Library.

The real advantage here is you are likely to find the latest version of
the book and you can even purchase it if it fits your needs.

I am currently Studying Metallergy, Jewelry Making, Metal Casting and
Machine Shop Practices. I have found numerous good books and am working
on my special list. It must be at least 4 Star before I buy it. :^}

I may have said something about having too many books earlier in the week,
I repent, or at least I am still addicted. :^}

Gold and Silver Smithing are very interesting. I have already thought of
some QRPp Applications.

I am also trying to recall which test equipment had the overtone osc
modules in it. I have something down stairs with several Osc. modules in
it. In fact that is the reason I kept it all of these years. The Modules
were very well constructed. I think Mike C. WA8MCQ would remember it. He
got the Step Attenuators out of it. I got the carcass. :^}

Can't think now.. Must QRT

QRPp Dx Tu, (C) 2002 K3TKS

Sir George, The First :^}

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