From: Jay Henson (aj4ay@worldnet.att.net)
Date: Sat Aug 24 2002 - 20:23:17 CDT


Moved out to the back yard for BUBBA and operated my K2 from a deep cycle
marine battery. Antenna was a horizontal loop up about 40 feet. During
FYBO I picked up a used Fischer Scientific thermometer/hygrometer so I used
it for BUBBA. Under the umbrella, the temp registered 101. I figured the
durn thing was busted or had bad batteries. New batteries and same thing.
Hells bells. I have a second Fischer thingee (different model) so I brought
it out. Both registered 100 degF. Luckily, the humidity was only 43%.
These digital thermometers are very fast acting. A cloud would change the
temp by 5 degrees in a matter of a couple of minutes. Neat gadgets.

Band conditions ranged from good to zero. I tried calling on 10 several
times but never heard a thing. 15 was only slightly better. I did work 3
stations there. 20 was OK until about 2115 or so. The ether gods pulled
the plug and all went quiet. Only had 20 Q's with 16 SPC's.

The stations heard were either very loud or very weak. Highlight of the day
was working Brian K7RE in WY. SASE will be in the mail Monday. Highest
temp received was 95 from W5TA, N5IW (both in TX) and N0QT in NM. Highest
temp sent by me was 99 at about 2030Z.

My best to all and thanks for a fun time.

See you on the radio.
AJ4AY Mobile, AL
FISTS #7917 ARCI #8131 SOC#220 FP# - 115

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