New Rig Project! Woo Hoo!


From: Trevor Jacobs (
Date: Sat Aug 17 2002 - 21:04:05 CDT

Hi Gang,

A local ham Bob W3TGG was selling a few items, and one of them happened to
be an old Johnson Ranger I in pristine condition! Well, to make a long story
short, I went by Bob's house today and picked it up. Man this thing is in
great shape! I have a few mods planned for it. The first mod, screen voltage
mod on the final, will limit the output to just under 5 watts. Also going to
have to see if the keying is clean as I'm planning on using this rig for CW
along with my Collins R-390A (Still have to get up to Groveland to pick that
up). Anyway, I guess I was just wondering if any of the others on the list
have tried using a Ranger I for CW. I'm going to use my DDS Signal Generator
to drive it, so the frequency should be stable. I'll let you guys know how
it progresses if there is interest. Will make a nice Winter Boat Anchor

73's Trev KG6CYN

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