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Date: Thu Aug 15 2002 - 16:48:08 CDT

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I think I would go for an analog multimeter before the signal generator.
There are so many time when the DMM just doesn't cut it. In fact, I would
suggest that the analog meter is more useful than the DMM, but the fact of
the matter is, DMMs are plentiful and cheap. Junk analog meters are
available but decent ones are rare and expensive. And of course, part of
the 'usual...' has to include an RF probe. This is #2 right after the
meter, although the scope can serve this purpose.

The counter is a 'nice to have' but pretty far down in the list of utility.
A wattmeter is definitely more useful, IMO, and one of those MFJ analyzers
that not only counts, but measures impedance, SWR, capacitance and
inductance is also a pretty neat thing. Pricey, but it covers a whole bunch
of uses in one box. I would say it's even handier than a grid dipper, but
if you really like the GDO, then MFJ has coils for the 269 that turn it into
a dipper. It also can double as a (not very stable) signal generator.

Basically, tho, once you have the meters, RF Probe, scope and some sort of
signal source, you can pretty much measure anything. Sometimes it may take
a bit of noodling to make the measurement, but everything else is just for

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> Apart from the usual DVM, soldering iron, etc., after a scope I'd get a
> decent signal generator. A good second-hand one will cost about the same
> a good scope. A counter is also useful. I use a cheap Watson one that goes
> up to 3 GHz. A variable power supply is nice to have, also.
> I'd also get a bench vise and a pillar drill.
> 73, Leon
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