Resistors-the ones that GLOW!


Date: Thu Aug 15 2002 - 02:34:42 CDT

Ive only seen one instance of glowing resistors..and thats when I was
working at a repair shop for stereo equip. and a fellow brought in an
older amp(or something..possibly tube type) and when he turned it on
...the resistors started to glow. They were about 2 inches long and
about 3/4 in dia(rough guess). Anyways..we turned the amp off right
away. The tech there said he couldnt work on it ..too old or
Anyways..I dont think its a normal situation..but the resistors may
be wirewound and could take a bit of overload and still survive.
Some resistors have vitreous enamel coating..which normally doesnt
conduct ..but when it gets hot will start to
conduct..another possibility. Id be interested in hearing more on
resistors which glow!..because I work in the small component trade.
73 Earl VE3aB

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