Re: QRP and Discourged


From: Ade Weiss W0RSP (
Date: Thu Aug 15 2002 - 01:06:46 CDT

Hi Wayne:

I'm sorry to hear about your frustration! That is oftentimes the way
it works out when beginning to operate QRP. However, your opening
sentence caught my attention:

"I am trying to run QRP with a OHR Explorer and am not
having any luck I can hear others on the air weak but
I can hear them"

You didn't say if they are weak on both the TS690 and the OHR. This
is a key point. The TS690 probably can be trusted to "hear" most
anything unless a static build-up or lightening strike killed its
front-end on the receiver. The TS690 has got to be hearing some
strong stations -- IF anyone else is on! I'd suggest listening on 40m
at different times during the day, several days running. If the TS690
does not hear any strong stations, then your antenna is the problem.

But if you are listening just on 7040, that also could be your problem. Even
QRP'rs spread away from 7040 +/-4kHz. Sometimes 7040 is crowded
with VXO/XTAL rigs, other times it is dead.

For me, using a 30m dipole, there's hardly a time, except during the
10am to about 4pm period in the sumemr, that I can't hear strong signals
on 40m, all year around.

What kind of antenna system are you using? Feedline type and tuner?

I hope we all can help you get cookin'!

72, Ade W0RSPI

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