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Date: Sun Jul 14 2002 - 19:58:34 CDT

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Subject: OT: HT Battery Supplier Comments PSE

> I have a Yaesu FT-416 2-meter HT (gray version) and an FT-530, both
> which use the same battery packs. I am looking to replace their
> NiCd FNB-25 (7.2-volt, 600-mAh) and FNB-27 (12-volt, 900-mAh) packs
> they are beginning to lose their charge. I think I will replace them
> NiMH packs.

I've had excellent results with Mr. NiCad, also known as E H Yost. They
sell batteries, packs, inserts, whatever. And you can get them in various

I needed a pack for an old u4-AT that the pack just wore out. Called
them up. Do you want the standard pack, the high output pack, the
higher output pack? They all fit in the existing stock shell. Or they
had two even higher rated packs but they had to be 'machined' into
the shell. I ordered the biggest mah rating the girl on the phone said
would fit into the 'stock' shell without mods. And when it arrived, sure
enough, it was a easy drop-in. Well, I really shouldn't say easy. It
WAS a very tight fit, but I didn't have to do any 'mods' to get it in

I just checked, their web page is at:


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