Swtches for parallel lines


From: Stuart Rohre (rohre@arlut.utexas.edu)
Date: Thu Jul 11 2002 - 20:20:05 CDT

I have a friend locally, well, out on rural side of Austin, who feeds all
his antennas with open wire line, using power co. surplus insulators!

He has a big bus coming along the ceiling of his ham shack; it has
junctions with knife switches to select various antennas to the common bus
to his rig.

You open one knife switch, and close another, and make sure all the unused
antennas knife switches are open. Works great, and very visual, you can
look up and see the various states of connections. He got some of the old
large double pole knife switches, but at QRP, there are little plastic ones
sold by Home Depot and such hardware stores. They keep them over in the
specialty hardware , which is all that stuff in the wide drawers or plastic

It will be same place as mirror supports, and bronze bearings.

Radio Shack may also carry them, but have not checked there in years.
Stuart K5KVH
BTW, the beam this guy has is a big Log Periodic and he feeds it with open
wire line. You should see his jumper for rotator bypass!
He has big standoffs on the side of the tower about a foot away. The line
is I think about 600 ohm line, and is nearly a foot wide spaced itself. It
all works great and no apparent loss of signal.

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