OT: Anyone else getting SPAM from Saf-E


From: Mike Yetsko (myetsko@insydesw.com)
Date: Thu Jul 11 2002 - 07:31:22 CDT

Just wondered if anyone else is getting SPAM from a place called

Not the ad itself. Saf-E mail always comes from $domain []
and they place YOUR email address in the email as the 'from' field. They
always end their emails with:

"This email was sent to you via Saf-E Mail Systems. Your email address
was automatically inserted into the To and From addresses to eliminate
undeliverables which waste bandwidth and cause internet congestion. Your
email or webserver IS NOT being used for the sending of this mail. No-one
else is receiving emails from your address. You may utilize the removal
link below if you do not wish to receive this mailing."

I wonder what kind of legal action you could take since they are using
YOUR email address to fake the system? Or... Remember the phrase
"what's good for the goose"? Perhaps we could all flood
for a while!

Hmm, can we get ISPs to block by IP?


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