Field Day Activity


From: Stuart Rohre (
Date: Thu Jun 20 2002 - 19:14:23 CDT

Gang, going to be away from computer putting up FD antennas tomorrow
afternoon and evening, so everyone have a fine Field Day, and get on all
bands 80 to 10, and give W5KA a contact. We are jumping into 5A and going
to see what a entry we can generate. Also on 6m with a Sterba Curtain
array, and 2 and some higher bands, including ATV, and satellite, probably
on AO 40 Sun. AM Central time.

Antennas this year are an 849 foot around horizontal loop for 20m, a 600 odd
foot around loop for 80m/10m, a 367 foot around loop for 40m, Double Zepps
for most bands, and beams for 15m, a GOTA station, and VHF and satellite.
For 6 m, as mentioned a Sterba curtain, which we hope to steer 90 degrees by
moving one support. Being bi directional, it should then make 360 degrees.

If you are on, we should hear you. We will be heavily into SSB sub bands,
but W5SIO will also uphold 20m CW bands as W5KA.
Stuart K5KVH

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