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From: Brian B. Riley \(N1BQ\) ListAcct (n1bq_list@wulfden.org)
Date: Thu Jun 20 2002 - 13:03:02 CDT

Greeting to the QRP-L List;

        The reigning FYBO Lowest Temperature Champions ( a true measure of our
insanity! ) The Northern Vermont QRP Society will be active on Field Day
from the Kruse Annex of Underhill State Park, in Underhill Center, VT.
Located at about 1700 ft AMSL, we will be on a major foothill of the Western
slope of Mount Mansfield with a great takeoff angle. We plan to operate
Class 3A Battery with a VHF/UHF Station but no GOTA station. We will operate
under the club callsign N1QS. We will be on the APRS map as FDNVQS which
will be right adjacent to the N1BQ-3 digipeater (.25 miles away)

        We will be operating 3 FT-817s (2 on HF and 1 on VHF) and either a K-2 or a
706 for CW. We have an AB577 military crankup tower with an A3S Tribander, a
Superloop 80, and we are putting up a 1000' horizontal loop. On VHF we have
a 4 element 6 meter beam and a 2/440 base antenna. The stations will be
solar powered. We have a total of 6-700 AH of large capacity batteries and
another 100 AH of smaller cells available to us, so the solar panels are
almost superfluous except that they are right now, as I write this topping
off the batteries.

        We will be logging using a Linux server, hung on a Wireless enabled
router. It will be running John's, N1QO, new MyQSL based logger and the
individual stations will be using laptops and web browsers connected by
802.11b wireless cards.

        We look forward to working as many of you all as possible and particularly
our friends at the Michigan QRP group whom we worked on just about every
band back at FYBO!

        Our team this year will be an international team. The US contingent will
have, N1QO, W1SLR, KB1GXE, W1DEC, AA1SK, N1SRC, N1YJH, KC2BCI, and N1BQ and
the Candian contingent will have VE2EQL, his son Justin awaiting call
assignment, VE2HAC, VE2ICQ, VE2AHH, and VA2DWD. Our 'support' crew will be
rounded out by Spenser the Wonder Mutt (a golden retarded!), a Canadian
German Shephard, a 3 month old Labrador Retriever puppy (a guide dog to be)
and the pack of coyotes that lives half mile farther up the mountain.

   We will start posting pictures etc to the website tomorrow and will
update as time permits through the weekend ...


  Our weather forecast looks good with a weak front breaking up and dumping
some showers Friday night, then mostly sun the weekend, temps in the 80s.

   Now all we need is for Paul Harden to tell us that the atmospheric Gods
are prepared to smile on us!

   cheers ... 72 de brian, n1bq

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