Speaker Line-up For Iowa QRP Hamboree


From: John Burnley (JBurnley@ifmc.org)
Date: Wed Jun 05 2002 - 14:24:11 CDT

Hi gang. Although I'm not an official spokesperson
for the IA group, I thought I would give a plug for the
upcoming Hamboree being held June 14 - June 15
in South Sioux City, NE.

We are very excited about the speakers this year.
I do not have all of the details (presentation topics),
but I'm pleased to let you know that the following
individuals will be speaking at the Hamboree:

Jim Duffey KK6MC
Brian Kassel K7RE
Adrian Weiss W0RSP
Mike Nickolaus NF0N

If I find out anymore information I'll pass it along to the list, or
I'll ask one of
the officers to post the information. As always, Friday night QRP
include a building event where anyone interested may purchase and
a kit under the expert guidance of some of the IA QRP members
Mike Fitzgibbon, Darrel 'Herb' Swenson, Paul Sipes, and Jerry Hall).

If you have the opportunity, please join us for some good old QRP fun!
hope to see you there!

72, John NU0V

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