OT: it ain't my virus


From: Tracy Markham (tracy@bytemark.com)
Date: Wed Jun 05 2002 - 13:06:44 CDT

I have received a few notes that people are receiving virus from

It's not possible ...

That email address is an 'alias' - it is forwarded to a real address,
'tracy@bytemark.com.' There is no outgoing 'sales@bytemark.com' email
account on my system.

Keep in mind that these new virus get into people's address books and 'sent'
items and pull email addresses to both send to and to cloak where the email
came from. It's harder to notify someone that they have a virus if you don't
know who really sent it ...


If anyone receives an email from 'sales@bytemark.com' simply delete it - it
did not originate from my system. Any legitimate email from my system will
have a real human beings name in the email address. 'sales' 'info' 'support'
'abuse' etc. email addresses are incoming only and are NEVER used as
outgoing mails from our system.


Some time ago I installed the Microsoft update that does not allow third
party programs to send email through outlook without user intervention - if
a virus tries to send email a dialog box pops up asking if it is cool ... if
you use outlook I would STRONGLY suggest you download and install this from
Microsoft -

http://office.microsoft.com/downloads/9798/Out98sec.aspx for Outlook 98 and
http://office.microsoft.com/Downloads/2000/Out2ksec.aspx for Outlook 2000

This in combination with regularly updated Norton Antivirus and ZoneAlarm
Firewall has kept me out of the virus mess for quite a while now. It's a
good combination!

Sorry for the bandwidth but I had to reach many of you ...

Tracy Markham, N4LGH
CWS ByteMark

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