FOX N0RC prelim.


From: Rod N0RC (
Date: Thu Feb 21 2002 - 22:31:23 CST


BLUF: 85-90 QSOs total, not very good.

That was interesting!

Things were sailing along pretty good until 0245, then the dash paddle
on my rig quits!!!! A couple of power recycles and reseating the cable
seemed to cure it. As I get back on the air SWR goes way high! UGH I
knocked one of the T/L banana plugs out of the tuner in my
hasty...make that panic stricken, repair activities. 0256 back at it,
after a while longer settle down, and get back in the rhythm.

Then in the last 30min or so the "GROWL" QRM starts up intermittently.
I start to pick out a call, and it would get creamed by the GROWL, so
I'd tune up or down a bit, and work on picking out another
guessed it, the GROWL would start there ARGH! I just pressed on as
best I could, trying to go over/under the GROWL & do the best I could.
I know I left a several OPs in the dust, my apologies.

It was fun being a Fox this year. I learned a lot. Mostly that I can't
sit still for more than an hour or so. My concentration drops, I start
fidgeting and just want to be done. I'm not cut out for this sort of
activity. But, nothing ventured nothing gained. My hat is off to you
who can sit for hours on end during a contest. (In the future when I
sit in one place and do something for hours on end, it will be a long
ride on my bike!)

And, can you believe it, over 150 QSOs in my two Fox outings and no
DE. ;-)

Thanks to all who endured and allowed me to experience the
"WALL-O-SOUND". Log out in a day or so.

73, Rod N0RC Some days your the bug, some days your the
Ft Collins, CO today was more of a bug day...;-)

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