Re: QRP Publications, Are the worth the price?


From: George Gingell (
Date: Thu Feb 21 2002 - 22:14:25 CST

Hi Les,

I have been hoarding QRP Publications for years now, I also handle the
Back issues Sales for QRP ARCI, and have done so for about ten years now.

This subject seems to pop up every now and then. Like many others, it has
many answers. Depending on the individual.

Always a factor is the rarity of the publication or issue. It is not
unlike Stamp or Coin Collecting, except there is often a great bit more
knowledge to be gained from owning a good collection of QRP Publications.

I have a rather extensive personal QRP Reference Library, but it is not
even close to being complete. I am always on the lookout for free of low
cost additions to the library. I have been on the receiving end of several
collections. What do I do with the extras? Do I auction them off on
e-bay? Bite your tongue :^} No, I have always been able to find them a
good home, often in another Country and at personal expense. I consider
it my personal contribution to promotion of the QRP Worldwide.

I have a nearly complete collection of SPRAT, but for the First 20 issues.

I have the Complete Reprint Set also, but not yet the CD ROM.

I have an origional Set of The Milliwatt, National Journal of QRP. Also a
CD of same.

I have QRP Quarterly back to 1978 when I became a member. The early years
were only a few memiographed pages, but would be welcome additions to the

I have a Complete Set of The LO-KEY (CW Operator's QRP Club Incorporated)
[Australia] Member # 539.

I give the lads Down Under Credit for lots of good ideas. Club Bits n
Kits, Boomerang Circuit Books. I should put my name on the list. :^}

Anyone have DL-QRP Extras? I have a few issues. I even have some from
OK-QRP Club. They were passed on to me by Luke Dobbs, K5HKA before he
became a SK. No, I can't read a word of "Check" but I can read the
Schematics and recognize Callsigns. W3TS ATU appears on one issue.

W9SCH, "Rockey" appears in another.

I still look for copies of those "Rare Ones" "M8 Qrper" "SouthWesterner"

Anyone have any they want to Donate to the Library?

I was told of a nice collection on ebay that went for less than $ 100.00

I believe Mel, mentioned selling his collection. He did make a very good
point. Often people do not VALUE that which is given freely. If they pay
for it they are more likely to perceive it's true value.

We found that to be true of QRP Quarterly at Dayton in past years.

I am sure that you have seen the "Freebie Collectors" at Dayton, Grab two
of everything Free and stuff it in the big bag. Sort it out later. Many
QQ's ended up on the floor or dust bins. Then We Charged a Buck a Piece
for them. (Below Printing Cost). Then they started getting treated with

Now days we charge $ 5.00 per copy. Still a good deal. The real problem
comes when we run out of one or two issues in a year set.

We have sold a lot and given away a lot over the past ten years. Does the
Club Profit from this? NO, but it does help offset expenses incurred with
profiding missing issue replacements. I must say that we have not done
badly in recent years. but the postage does ever climb.

SO, back to the origional Question. What is the Value of QRP Publications?

I say that they are a resource to be treasured, Sell them, Give them Away,

Just please Do not THROW them AWAY.

If you can't find them a good home, let me know. I know of lots of QRPers
around this old world that would love to have them.

Yes, friends, there are still many places where people can not afford to
subscribe to these fine publications.

Got some Spare Change? Why not SPONSOR a QRPer? Many of the Major QRP
Clubs accept Donations for the benefit of those who can not afford them.

G-QRP is the Leader in this Plan. QRP ARCI also follows the plan. I am
sure that many others will also.

QRP Pubs are Priceless... :^}

Sir George, The First :^}

72 ES
QRP DX TU (C) 1986, G. "Danny" Gingell, K3TKS@
Former QRP A.R.C.I. Net Manager and Board of Director Member.
Gingell & Company, Ltd. Small Business Telephone Systems
Commercial Locksmith Services (301) 572-6789 Office & Fax
George D. Gingell, Jr. 3052 Fairland Road, Silver Spring, MD 20904-7117
Maryland Milliwatt Club QRP Reference Library, (301) 572-6789 IQRR #1
Maryland Milliwatt Club Founder and Trustee of Club Station - WQ3RP -
Grid Square FM19mb 76.94 W - 39.06 N Silver Spring, MD 20904 QRPea.A.

        Collector of Quartz Crystals and Telegraph Keys.

"72" = "Wishing You Good QRP" (C) 1991 Oleg Borodin, RV3GM

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