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From: W5TB (
Date: Thu Feb 21 2002 - 21:27:53 CST

Band seems a little long tonight, wound up that VT was easier than CO tonight for me -- go figure ;-) At 0300 both foxxi in bag and I'm back to Olympics with XYL :)

Her only complaint of the night was when I went to 100 W to QRL a lid CQing on Rod without checking frequency -- managed to wipe out Olympic viewing for 30 seconds -- no wonder I'm a confirmed QRPer :-)

many strong QRP sigs here tonight, you guys are fantastic! -- good luck everyone -- sadly only 2 hunts to go :'-(

73, T.E. 'Doc' Drake, W5TB
Arlington, Texas
FISTS # 5365 QRPARCI # 3532 ARRL Life Member K1 #181 K2#1617
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Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2002 6:27 PM
Subject: FOX: Special Invite

> This evening at 2100 Eastern time (do the math for your location), Rod, N0RC
> and myself (John, N1QO) will serve as this evenings QRP Foxes. I would like
> to make a special invitation to all the folks on this list that haven't yet
> participated in our weekly QRP Fox Funfest to get on the air and give it a
> whirl. It's a real charge to "get a pelt" and see your callsign posted here
> on QRP-L and at the Fox Headquarters Web site.
> All the info you need to participate can be found at
> Some hints: We work split. I'll be listening down, Rod mentioned he would be
> listening down as well (or was it up?). Listen for where the hounds are that
> the fox is pelting and jump in the pack. Call once or twice and listen for
> your call the fox exchange and your call again, then send your exchange (55N
> 5W)]. This fox dance will take place above and below 7.040Mhz.
> Hope to see some new ones in the log this evening. Be sure to post here and
> brag about your first Pelts!
> 73 es happy hunting.
> John, N1QO

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