FOX: Special Invite


From: John Wagner (
Date: Thu Feb 21 2002 - 18:27:42 CST

This evening at 2100 Eastern time (do the math for your location), Rod, N0RC
and myself (John, N1QO) will serve as this evenings QRP Foxes. I would like
to make a special invitation to all the folks on this list that haven't yet
participated in our weekly QRP Fox Funfest to get on the air and give it a
whirl. It's a real charge to "get a pelt" and see your callsign posted here
on QRP-L and at the Fox Headquarters Web site.

All the info you need to participate can be found at

Some hints: We work split. I'll be listening down, Rod mentioned he would be
listening down as well (or was it up?). Listen for where the hounds are that
the fox is pelting and jump in the pack. Call once or twice and listen for
your call the fox exchange and your call again, then send your exchange (55N
5W)]. This fox dance will take place above and below 7.040Mhz.

Hope to see some new ones in the log this evening. Be sure to post here and
brag about your first Pelts!

73 es happy hunting.

John, N1QO

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