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Here's a face plate I put together using MS Paint.

I used clear packing tape to cover the face plate and secure it to my SW30+.

Jake -- N4UY

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Well my first attempt at using the inkjet to make from panels was worth of
about a D+. Laying out the panel and cutting the priinted paper to fit was
OK as was spraying the printed paper with Krylon Fixative to seal the inks
in (after they were dried for two days). The whole thing started to go
south when I sprayed the backs with some sort of spray glue and struggled to
get the paper aligned with the box. Still I was only down to a 5.6 on the
French judge's card. Spraying the box with lacquer spray was the downfall.
The lacquer tends to turn the paper translucent (even with the fixative
spray). The background color (royal blue) bled thru the paper and I am out
of the medal round.

Think I've been watching too much TV...

73 de Lee

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