Re: Qrp journals why so much?


From: Michael Bower (
Date: Thu Feb 21 2002 - 16:04:45 CST

Price has more to do with what someone is willing to spend than what
something is worth to you. I might have a rig that I want to get $100
for but it is a hot ticket item right now and someone is willing to pay
$200. I won't turn it down.

If I'm thinking about selling something, I'll watch to see what others
have asked and then plan accordingly. I'm not out to make any money on
anyone, just want a fair price. But fair price can be in the eyes of
the buyer or the seller. If I put it too high, no one will buy. If I
put it too low, I sell quickly but I don't get what it is worth. That's
why people love auctions. They can bid what they think they want to

(No, let's not discuss ebay and prices on this list. Not the place and
it's been done already.)

Michael N4NMR wrote:
> Hello I have noticed over the last 6 months or so some have been selling
> their collections of QRP quarterlys , sprats and other mags. I have also
> noticed that the prices have been very high. I wonder why this might be ? Do
> you think that a really prize collection , like one of a kind issues etc
> would be worth $$$. I have mixed feelings about giving up my extensive
> collection . Guess it would be better than having my XYL throw them out after
> I'm gone. Thanks for the air time.
> 73 Les K4NK

73 de N4NMR
Michael Bower
Ashburn, VA (near Washington, D.C.)

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