Zombie Shuffle scores


From: J. Medley (jmedley@ix.netcom.com)
Date: Thu Feb 21 2002 - 16:00:15 CST

Hi folks,

Well, after getting a new computer and trying to use that
"Transfer Files and Settings Wizard" (ha!) I've managed
to finally get all the zombie stuff on the new computer
and deal with it. I've decidedly voted against Windows XP.
Even had to buy a new printer because it hated my old ones.

Anyway, the scores are up at:

And Jerry will probably have them up on the Norcal site
as soon as he finds the time.

As usual, we had a great cast of Elvis stations this year,
and just for a twist, even a couple of Elvira stations.
Okay, so it's a dead give-away as to whom one of the Elvira
stations was; I'll just say that one of them is very
good-looking... :0)

Even though a couple two or three of the special stations
didn't get to make it on the air afterall, I'd still like
to give them all a great big thanks just for accepting the
challenge and adding to the fun. You guys did great as

Elvis Stations

N7CQR - Dan "The King" Presley, OR
AL7FS - Jim Larsen, AK
K7TQ - Randy Foltz, ID
K7RE - Brian Kassel, AZ
NB6M - Wayne McFee, CA
W0RSP - Ade Weiss, SD
K5OI - Tim Pettibone, OK
K5DI - Karl Larsen, NM
W0CH - Dave Bixler, MO
N1PWU - Bob Berlyn, RI
WB3AAL - Ron Polityka, PA
N2CQ - Ken Newman, NJ
N2APB - George Heron, MD

Elvira Stations

K4ZDH - Riley Hollingsworth, PA
N0QT - Jan Medley, NM

Again, a great big THANK YOU to everyone for spreading
the fun around. See you again in the next one!

Jan, N0QT
Grand Witchess #015

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