Re: De Bees, a different perspective


Date: Thu Feb 21 2002 - 12:48:02 CST

My friend ,Joel, KE1LA wrote:

> problem bees most folk don't have an accurate scale and de bees
> get all kinds of wrong ratings..... confuses folk is what it does...Best
> thing to do is not work with de bees what be less than s9 and u get good
> quality honey for u money....

Well, it's finally happened. I find I cannot agree with the most learned and experienced Head Shrink of the Flying Pigs, and author extraordinare, Joel KE1LA.

If one only seeks honey from them "S9" bees, I, for one, would go hungry. And when I am hungry for the honey, I will take honey from wherever I can get it - S8 or S1 or even eSp bee. Eating honey is kinda like eating them sunflower seeds or them pistachio nuts with the shell still on 'em and havin' to get to them... somehow they taste better to me on account of I worked for 'em.... like that OD/station, or the YB/station to whom my 3 watts to the old attic dipole in Odessa, FL, I'm confident, was not like an S9 bee!

Oh, my friend Joel, I missed the Wed. Pig Net on account of I occasionally have to work late. That's the "why" to go along with my personal opinion an preference regarding them Bees.

respectfully, I am,

Odessa, FL

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