About subject lines - A repeated request de AL7FS


From: Jim Larsen - AL7FS (AL7FS@ARRL.NET)
Date: Thu Feb 21 2002 - 11:10:40 CST

Greetings from Alaska,

There was a Recent Subject: Re: ISD lives!! The gory details1

I almost missed this great post on Slinky Antennas because the subject
line told me nothing about what was inside the email. I just happen to
have two Slinkys ready for building an antenna and as such, I am
interested in variations on the Slinky theme. I have now resent the
email to myself with a subject line that will allow me to find it in the

Please try to avoid subject lines and abbreviations that have
nothing to do with anything that the rest of us know about. Use clear,
concise descriptions as though you want all of us to read your email.
Pretend you are going to have to find the email again in the future and
recognize the need for a clear, definitive title.

This is just my routine, once in a while grumble folks. :-)

And trust me, there does not need to be a public thread on this topic as
my personal opinion is clear as a stand alone post. Thank you.

73, Jim

Jim Larsen,  AL7FS,  Anchorage, Alaska
(BP51cc) - 61.101 North, 149.824 West  
mailto:al7fs@arrl.net - http://www.qsl.net/al7fs/

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