De Bees, a different perspective


Date: Thu Feb 21 2002 - 11:04:35 CST

Saw a thread on De bees heah
        just wanted to let y'all kneaux iffin u went two meaux bayous
down on the left... about 1 mile in... u gonna find John Thibideaux he be
de bees man...
        got them little white huses all ovah his back yard, started with
three boxes of de bees then doubled and went to six then finally up to 12
of de bees boxes...
        Whan ah asked him about a standard for de bee he said that would
be S-9... He expalined... looking for a standard to measure honey by,
folk picked de bees what produce a gallon of honey what weights 9 lbs...
exactly... all the other bees be checked againgst that... say like an s-7
.... de bee is about havlf as good as a s-9 bee and of curse them what be
heavier be more betterer....
        problem bees most folk don't have an accurate scale and de bees
get all kinds of wrong ratings..... confuses folk is what it does...Best
thing to do is not work with de bees what be less than s9 and u get good
quality honey for u money....

kindly submitted
ke1la joel
from bayou land
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