zm2 tuner question


From: Hartwell, Martin E, ALINF (
Date: Thu Feb 21 2002 - 09:54:00 CST


I built the zm2 tuner from Emtech some time ago and hadn't used
it much. Now I also have ft817 and I want to use it to tune
a vertical or random wire antenna. I noticed the other day while
playing around with it a curious thing.

When I put the switch in the tune position, the signals get loader.
I can tune the controls and get the diode to go out, switch to
the operate position. The signals go down is is volume, but still

I guess my question is: is this correct or have I something wrong
now. I will look for my circuit drawing and double check it again,
but was wondering if anyone else has noticed this on their zm2.

Marty Hartwell
AT&T Columbus Ohio

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