Re. Non-resonant Antennas (LONG)


From: George Franklin (
Date: Thu Feb 21 2002 - 08:01:46 CST

Hi Gangue,

Enjoying all the info on antennas, radials, s-meters, etc.

For the record, I have been using an Alpha-Delta Twin Sloper antenna for
about nine years now. Also, I have a ground mounted R7 for comparison.

It is installed as an inverted vee with the apex at 45 ft., the ends
sloping down to about 10 feet, fed with about 80 ft. of RG8X with a coil
of 10 turns 10" in diameter (part of the feedline at the feedpoint/apex.

I have no radials installed, only a ground rod at the base of the 45 ft.

This antenna tunes all bands 160 thru 6 meters with the K2's internal
tuner (same with my TS2000's internal tuner).

I have worked all bands QRP with this antenna with good success,
including 160M CW/SSB. Last weekend I worked several European stations
on 80M CW for a total of 57 countries, all bands. Almost all of these
QSO's were made with the AD sloper.

The antenna is about 62 ft on the 80M leg and 55 ft. on the 40/160M leg,
and is offered by Alpha-Delta and an 160-80-40M antenna.

Sweeping the spectrum with an MFJ analyzer shows a very definite and
fairly sharp resonance at 1.860 Mhz., but no other in-band resonant
points (!). In spite of that, results are excellent on all bands.

At Field Day, 2001, I used a multiwire doublet at 20 ft. made of 4-wire
telephone cable fed with 50 feet of RG58 cable. Because of a measurement
error (no names, please) the lengths of all 4 wires were completely
incorrect) and the antenna showed no resonance on any ham band. The K2
tuned the "antenna" on all bands 160 through 10 meters, and plenty of
contacts were made on all bands, CW and SSB, except 160M, where QRN wiped
out all signals.

I apologize for this lengthy diatribe, and offer it for what it may be
worth, probably not much.

In others words, "don't knock it if you haven't tried it."

Incidentally, I worked many KW stations which were as low as S3 on the

72 de George/W0AV
Hamming since '35
SOC#101, COG31

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