Re: Crossband DX, 160-20M


From: George Franklin (
Date: Thu Feb 21 2002 - 07:33:22 CST

Hi Gangue,

Last night I experienced a first for me in ham radio after 66 years of
hamming and thought you might find it a bit interesting, even though it
is OT.

Tuning 160M at 0209Z (2/21) I heard EA3JE calling CQ DX QSX 14033 on
1831 Khz.

Since my K2 does not provide split crossband operation, I punched up my
TS2000 to RX 1831 and TX 14033.

One call resulted in a QSO. Lou was S9 on the meter (whatever that might
mean) on 1831 and he gave me 589 on 20M with my 100W. I assume that
EA3JE was running plenty of power.

This certainly was not QRP but I feel certain Lou would have heard me on
14033 at 5W but in my haste to make the contact I didn't think to set the
TS2000 for 5W.

Antennas used were my Alpha-Delta twin sloper at 45 ft. for 160M and my
R7 (ground mounted) on 20M.

Apologies for the OT, but I thought this QSO was "completely different."

72 de George/W0AV
Hamming since '35
SOC#101, COG#1

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