OT: ATN: OH hams


From: Dragon Singer (WM-Scace@wiu.edu)
Date: Thu Jan 10 2002 - 20:11:20 CST

                 Hi Gang,
         Wayne K9DI es Sequoia here. I have a question for OH hams
especially those that live in or near Dayton. As U all know I have a dog
guide es I'm wondering if any of U know of a good vet near where we will be
at? Just in case (heaven forbid) something untoward happens to Sequoia
during FDIM. Although, Jim Crooke told me that he will be attending es
bringing his traveling medical kit, I don't want to impose on him, besides
he won't have alot of faclities if it's something major. On the other
hand, I trust Jim since I (sorta) know him. Perhaps a local vet will
extend use of his facilities to Jim if the need arises. Thank God we have
an HMO fer Sequoia. I'm vy cautious with who I trust to treat
Sequoia. He's my eyes. I'll also ask Dr. Putnam (Sequoia's vet) about
some recommendations es referrals.
72 es MOO/OO

Respectfully and Sincerely Yours,

Wayne M. Scace

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