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From: Caitlyn Martin (
Date: Thu Jan 10 2002 - 10:08:38 CST

On Thu, 2002-01-10 at 15:32, W2AGN wrote:

> Now, now, Wayne, you take a great risk of certain bleeding hearts berating
> you for "bashing newcomers."

Why thank you, John. What a nice compliment! "Bleeding heart" is
usually reserved for liberals who care about those less fortunate. I am
very proud of my liberal views and I really do appreciate you
recognizing them. Yes, I started the "bashing newcomers" thread, so I
know you are talking about, at least in part, me. So... I decided to
take your lovely words personally :)

> Expecting anyone to demonstrate any knowledge or
> skill to obtain a Ham license is looked upon a reactionary

Not at all, at least not in my book. I do think skills and knowledge
need to be demonstrated. I just don't believe CW is the only, or even
an essential, skill to be demonstrated. Technical knowledge, operating
procedures and etiquette, and rules and regulations all should be
required knowledge. I suspect if we were discussing flaws in the
written exam structure we'd have lots and lots of common ground.

> and will doom you
> to be labled an "old geezer."

Age has nothing to do with one's views on examination requirements, or
politics for that matter. I'm grateful I had older, experienced hams to
mentor me. I still learn a lot from those who have been at this for
many more years than I've been alive, and I highly value their
experience and wisdom.
> Repent. Take up the liberal cause. Love Jane Fonda!

One can have decidedly liberal views without travelling to the enemy's
capital and undermining one's own country. There were many who opposed
the Viet Nam war who also thought that what Jane Fonda did was wrong.

You know, John, I make a point of reading and listening to conservative
viewpoints. It takes an understanding of all sides of any issue to
really be able to form a reasoned and intelligent opinion, IMHO. Don't
you agree?

Have a really great day, and lots of QRP DX.

All the best,
Caity (Ham Radio) (General stuff and nonsense) (Ferrets!)

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