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From: George, W5YR (
Date: Thu Jan 10 2002 - 14:38:38 CST

Bruce, I *THINK* that the upper two lines of bars show data being sent UP
via the Net and coming DN via the Net. The lower two bars seem, from their
behavior, to show the flow of data to and from the program that initiated
the Net access. Red seems to go with data being sent UP and Green with data
coming DN from the Net.

At least that behavior seems to agree with what I have observed here. I
have used Zone Alarm for over a year, and in my mind, it is absolutely
necessary to have running at all times.

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Bruce Rattray wrote:
> anyone know what the UP________
> DN________
> UP________
> DN________
> thingys in the upper left hand corner of the Alert
> screen are used for in Zone Alarm please?...I have noticed red & green
> vertical bars moving through these areas...
> I also need to e-mail with someone who uses Zone Alarm and knows what's
> going on as I'm in a learning curve here and want to make sure I
> have it set up right...thank you...

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