Re: Identifying Oneself as QRP


From: George, W5YR (
Date: Thu Jan 10 2002 - 14:22:30 CST

Mike, your concept and math are on the mark, but what knocks things into
the hat is that your S6 signal is down there with all the other S6 signals
and S6 band noise while his S9+10 db signal is heads and shoulders above it

So, you hear him loud and clear, and from your viewpoint, he should hear
you almost as good since you are about S6 to S7. And he would if there were
only the two of you on a quiet band. But, at that level most of the time
you are just part of the background and he has to work to pull you out of
the mess.

I do not feel that any QRP operator needs to make excuses for the power
level he runs or that any QRO operator should feel that he is doing "us" a
favor by straining his ears to hear our our puny little signals. Each does
what he does and works whom he works voluntarily.

What I try to do is to limit my QRP operating to contacts with other QRP
stations so that we are on an equal footing in terms of signal level. That
way, I am reasonably sure that the other guy has some skill in working
weaker signals, if in fact they are weaker, and is not likely to take
offense that someone with only 5 watts had the nerve to call him.

I recall the amazement I experienced a few years back when I first became
interested in QRP: most of the QRP stations I heard were NOT weak - they
were loud! And the pileup on any of our Fox Hunts should convince any
QRO'er that QRP signals can be, and usually are, plenty strong enough for a
casual contact.

Speaking of Hunts, tonight is the night! Good Hunting to all! GO NETXQRP

72/73/oo, George W5YR - the Yellow Rose of Texas
Fairview, TX 30 mi NE of Dallas in Collin county EM13qe
Amateur Radio W5YR, in the 56th year and it just keeps getting better!
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Mike Boatright wrote:
> Jim,
> Not to be contrarian, but I have to beg to differ with Ron. If the guy I'm
> in QSO with is running 1000 Watts and he's S9+10dB (as most 1000 Watt
> stations that I've copied are...oops, bet that's flame bait...), then he's
> not having to work at all to copy me, as I'm running somewhere between S6
> and S7.

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