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From: George, W5YR (
Date: Thu Jan 10 2002 - 14:08:17 CST

Bill, tell your friend that "any" antenna will "work" and even a low
antenna will sometimes enable a DX contact. Nothing like a Yagi at 50 ft,
of course, but he can hear and work stations. And has he considered putting
an antenna in the attic or just above the roof?

Then, ask your friend why he is spending any bucks to put up a 20-meter

Buy a roll of "antenna wire" from Radio Shack and three insulators, if he
has nothing already that can be used. Solder on some coax, mount the
antenna and prune the length for lowest SWR - not 1:1 - just the lowest he
can get on the frequency range desired.

Please do not let him go out and spend up to $100 for some "ready-made"
antenna that will do absolutely nothing different or better.

My first antenna (in 1946!) was a 20-meter folded dipole made from TV
twinlead strung up in the house about 5 ft above the floor. Worked a number
of stations with about 10 watts or less into the antenna.

Flame suit on for all the antenna manufacturers . . .

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Bill Dittrich wrote:
> Hello all,
> A friend of mine is considering becoming a ham but he has a BIG problem. He
> can put up a 20m dipole BUT he can only get it 5 or 6 feet off the ground.
> If anyone has ever had any experience with a dipole so low to the ground
> (I've looked up some info, take off angle is 90 degrees, ouch) could you
> email me personally as to whether it would do him any good at all for DX? He
> wants to know before spending any bucks.

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