FS: A box of weird stuff


From: nilsbull@juno.com
Date: Sat Jan 05 2002 - 14:37:03 CST


Don't ask. I can't explain it. All I know is that I have a laser printer
that I'm still waiting to try out, a dead TR7 power supply, three other
radio projects in motion & I get this box of stuff from Roger. But, being
a pecuniary little snit, I figure I can pay for the laser printer by
getting rid of all this.

I'd have send Dan (of Dan's SP&K) an email giving him first rights, but
he ain't got email. Maybe one (or some) of you crazies will want this.
All the quantity numbers are under-estimates of what was written on the
bag when I went through the process of picking out the stuff I want.

8000 ea solder terminal, brass/silver .25" high, slotted top
40 ea 4-pos. 100" ctr, lo profile tine. 070" board space bd mtg
10 ea 3 position screw terminal, thru chassis mtg, #6 screw
6 ea header, 5.07mm ctr 8 pin vertical
4 ea 2 position, multiple tab screw terminal, " blade screw
4 ea 32-pin machine dip socket, thru hole, ca. " wide (LSI chip size)
10 ea 28-pin machine dip socket, thru hole, ca. " wide (LSI chip size)
8 ea 26 pin (2 rows of 13 each) rectangle connector, thru hole mtg

10 ea 8PST DIP switch set, thru hole mtg. (s/n ADPA 08)
10 ea 10P SIP switch set, low profile (s/n ALC SSV10)
15 ea 3PST DIP switch set, thru hole mtg (s/n ALC ADE03)

15 ea 10k wire wound resistors (CG9; CTG9029)
40 ea 7 Ohm wire-wound resistors (CG8; CTG 9029)
150 ea 20k Ohm SIP resistor set, 5 individual resistors in unit, 10pin
(5S203 G 55)
150 ea 1.75k Ohm SIP resistor set RKLB91825 (182 G 5N) (pin 1 common, 10
100 ea 33 Ohm SIP resistor set HX1-330 (pin 1 common, 8 pin)
150 ea 82 Ohm SIP resistor set, 820 G 55 (pin 1 common, 8 pin)
150 ea 3.32k Ohm W resistor, axial leads
100 ea 250mF@25VDC electrolytic caps, axial lead (1.75x.5")
40 ea DB9 chassis mtg, male connector (DDM-09P-209G-TR) D-Sub IDC Metal

I'll figure about $25, shipped CONUS. I know that a lot of this is pretty
obscure & special purpose stuff. But who knows? Maybe someone will figure
they've got a few more plastic boxes to fill up yet..

Don't worry about my needs, let me tell you. I had a hard time passing up
keeping the 8000+ little board mount pins. They're perfect for those
places in radios where a cable has to get to a board but you & I both
know that you'll take it off the board half a dozen times before you get
the radio working anyway. I think I kept about 500 for myself. That and a
tube of .001 uF machine insertable caps. Never know when I might have a
machine to insert stuff for me.


 . . . the 8000 little pins was marked 8525 on the bag & I took about a
half a cup's worth for myself. The other 8000 I don't need . . . but YOU

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