Re: No QRP at Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympics


From: Bruce Muscolino (
Date: Sat Jan 05 2002 - 13:01:51 CST


I also worked for the Olympic Committee in 1984. I was considered part
of the media group. I ran a remote darkroom up at Lake Casitas. This
venue was about 199 miles away from the Olympic Center in downtown Los

My experience is very similar to yours. The salient point is that there
are two types of radio where the Olympic Committee is concerned, radios
they control and those that they don't. They specifically want to stop
those they don't control. This is why they do frequency coordination.
This is why they clear certain radios. Spectators belong to the second
group. Your radio is not coordinated and you don't need it!

Yes, the Olympic Committee is very particular about controlling the
media. They want everything to come from them, no freelancers are


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