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From: Dean Rachwitz (
Date: Fri Jan 04 2002 - 23:25:34 CST

We used this stuff by the boat-load (no pun intended) in the Navy. We used
to get these 8oz tubes of it super cheap. Too bad I don't have access to a
Navy supply catalog.

Here's another source, though admittedly available in small quantities, it
can be found at your local auto parts store.

Did a quick search on the web and found this, too:



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I've always believed the best way to keep moisture out of an outdoor
connection is to fill the connection with something else, instead of trying
to isolate it. When I was a fairly new ham seven or eight years ago, I ran
across a tube of what I think is silicone grease, but it's called 'silicone
dielectric compound' and I've always used it. In a manner sort of like
packing bearings, I work it into every crack of a connector before
connecting it. Sometime, I even try to work it into the end of the coax
before fastening the connector. After making the connection, I wipe off most
of the excess, then just leave it exposed to the weather. Any time I
disconnect it, I squirt in a blob of grease before reconnecting it, then
wipe off most of the excess again. I even put a blob of it on the joints of
wire antennas. I've never had a problem with corrosion or moisture so I'm
sold on this method of weatherproofing. I'm sure it's not a new idea, but
all the hams around here seem to use silicone sealant and electrical tape
which I believe does an inferior job and is ridiculous to disconnect and

My 'silicone dielectric compound' is almost gone but I found something
called 'Lube Gel' at RS (#64-2326) that I think will work just as well. It
claims to stay in place, to not attract dust, and to be impervious to salt &
fresh water.

Denny Payton N9JXY
Auburn, IN

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