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From: Mark Gilger (
Date: Tue Dec 18 2001 - 22:05:42 CST

There is a whole other world out there that your missing out on. Tubes are
staging a come back and
there are lots of QRP designs. So lets keep an open mind. This reflector is
for QRP. That does not mean

Mark, wb0iqk

At 07:41 PM 12/18/2001 -0700, Karl F. Larsen wrote:

> I fail to see what finding a 4cx-1000 has to do with QRP. I also
>am a little tired of seeing excited messages about getting a 12au7 going
>on 40 meters.
> Of the two the 12au7 is at least QRP. But gezzzz those days are
>over and life is so much nicer now. My FT-817 has a push-pull final amp of
>2 transistors. That is interesting since it has a clean crisp signal just
>like my Ten Tec Argonaut, which has a push-pull final.
> I'm building for pleasure a 2N2 40 meter CW rig with nothing but
>2n2222 transistors in it! But it will have one change by me. The final amp
>of the transmitter is 3 2n2222 but I am going to use 2 Radio Shack FET's
>in push-pull. With 12 volts I expect to get 12 watts out or more. Good
>clean CW. The rig has a power control and I will turn it down to 5 watts.
>I will have VERY low even harmonics.
>Yours Truly,
> - Karl F. Larsen, (505) 524-3303 -

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